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Does your website load slow?
Loading time is a major factor to website abandonment. The average user has no patience for a page that takes too long to load. Studies show that 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. Updating your website with the latest technologies can really impact your search engine rankings and customer conversion in a serious way.

Outdated Theme & Technologies
The internet is constantly evolving and changing. Web standards change every year with new tools and technologies for building a great website. Things that were effective and trendy last year may not be this year. If you want to get ahead of your competition, you should be flexible with your approach and website.

So, if your website is two to three years old, you are most likely behind the times in function and style. Outdated code can slow down loading times or respond poorly on mobile devices. Current website and theme providers have really improved their platforms and offer better tools.

Can you use a blog? Of course, this is such a powerful marketing tool that will drive traffic your way. Search engines favor websites that have fresh content. When you update your website, all the search engines like Google index your pages and recalculate your site ranking. So, by changing your content, you increase your chances of being noticed. Now, add a new website and your guaranteed to get more attention, social shares and lots more traffic.

Do You have a Call to Action?
We aren't talking about a button added here and there. The best way is to first get your customer's attention and create curiosity using more information. The idea is to guide the user experience though your content to a best work gallery then to your contact form. You want to be flexible enough to allow customization with the goal of creating a powerful sales funnel that builds business growth.

Mobile Friendly
If you don’t have a mobile friendly website – get with the times and choose a new one today! Lots of new themes are responsive and adapt to every device seamlessly. They also hide certain blocks for faster loading and user interface for an easier user experience.

How can we help?

The point of this email was not to convince you to just update your website. A website redesign is an important process that requires time and effort. You want to promote your work, help customers get to know you, as well as get them interested in working with you!

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